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We offer washers in various sizes and shapes washers. From flat, wide and square, to oval and flexible toothed.
Lock washersLock washers
Split lock washers, unlike flat washers, place tension against a nut after tightening (between the surface and the head of the nut) and thus prevent loosening during vibration.
Square washersSquare washers
Square washers are used for fixing wooden structures.
Spring washerSpring washer
There are two types of spring washers. Type A has one bend and type B has two. Spring washer is also called curved or wavy washer, depending on the version of washer.
Flat washersFlat washers
Flat washers are placed between the screw and the surface as a guaranty that the screw head will not pass through the surface. They are made of iron, steel, copper and even plastic, in various colors and sizes.
Fender washersFender washers
Fender washers have oversized outside diameters to prevent twisting the screw head into the surface.
Toothed washersToothed washers
Toothed lock washers can be made with internal or external teeth. Type A has external teeth, while type I has internal. Teeth prevent loosening.
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