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Blind rivets, pop rivets
The blind rivet has two parts, a rivet body and mandrel. Riveting tool pulls the rivet's mandrel, drawing the mandrel head into the blind-end of the rivet body. This action forms an upset head on the rivet body. To distinguish between the two ends of the rivet, the original head is called the factory head and the deformed end is called the shop head or buck-tail.
Fast, easy-to use blind rivets offer speed of assembling, consistent mechanical performance and excellent installed appearance, making blind riveting a reliable and economical assembling method.

We offer various size blind rivets made of different materials for different loads. We also have rivets with painted head and rivets resistant to weather conditions.

Blind rivet DIN7337 Aluminium - AluminiumBlind rivet DIN7337 Aluminium - Aluminium
Aluminum AlMg 2 rivet head with aluminum Al Mg 5 rivet body
Blind rivet DIN7337 Aluminium - SteelBlind rivet DIN7337 Aluminium - Steel
Aluminum AlMg 3,5 rivet head with steel rivet body
Blind rivet DIN7337 Coper - BrassBlind rivet DIN7337 Coper - Brass
Rivet with coper head and brass body
Blind rivet DIN7337 Coper - SteelBlind rivet DIN7337 Coper - Steel
Rivet with coper head and galvanized body
Blind rivet DIN7337 Coper - Steel closedBlind rivet DIN7337 Coper - Steel closed
Blind steel rivet with coper head
Blind rivet DIN7337 Inox A2 - Inox A2Blind rivet DIN7337 Inox A2 - Inox A2
Blind rivet with body and head made of stainless steel inox A2
Blind rivet DIN7337 Steel - SteelBlind rivet DIN7337 Steel - Steel
Rivet body and head are made from galvanized steel
Blind rivet DIN7337 Steel - Steel closedBlind rivet DIN7337 Steel - Steel closed
Steel rivet with steel head painted in different RAL colors
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